School Review

1. Priority Review Report Executive Summary

1.1   School Context

Dinjerra Primary School is located in the Melbourne metropolitan suburb of Braybrook, approximately 9 kilometres west of the Melbourne Central Business District. The school was established in the 1950s as Tottenham North Primary School.

The school grounds include an oval and basketball courts and a range of active and passive play areas. The school curriculum references the Victorian Curriculum frameworks and offers specialist subjects of Physical Education, Visual Arts and Spanish as the Language Other Than English (LOTE). 

Enrolments at the time of the review were approximately 140 students, with almost 85 per cent of the student population from families who do not have English as their first language. 

The staffing profile of Dinjerra Primary School at the time of the review included a Principal, an Assistant Principal and the equivalent to 11.1 full time teachers, with 5.5 full time equivalent Education Support (ES) staff, including staff in administrative and classroom support roles.

1.2   Key Considerations to inform next steps

The following FISO aligned areas are for the consideration of the Design and Implementation Team to assist in developing the next School Strategic Plan:

  • establish consistent, collaborative curriculum planning approaches to enhance the provision of a guaranteed and viable curriculum

  • establish a coherent assessment schedule and practices to enhance the analysis and use of student achievement data

  • develop teacher self-efficacy to analyse and use of student achievement data to design learning opportunities for students

  • build teachers’ instructional capacity in literacy and numeracy and develop teacher knowledge and use of high impact teaching strategies

  • establish a culture of review, responsibility and shared accountability for school improvement

  • build leadership skills to lead Professional Learning Teams.