The Arts are an important part of the curriculum at Dinjerra from Prep to Grade 6. In addition to the integrated Arts education that takes place in all classrooms, students at Dinjerra benefit from weekly, hour-long Visual Art sessions with a specialist art teacher.  The large, open art room is a stimulating environment in which the students are inspired and encouraged to develop their unique creativity, imagination and thinking processes. The Visual Arts program aims to encourage students to be positive risk-taker and try new things, to be open-minded to other perspectives, to be reflective and to express themselves in powerful and meaningful ways.


Through rich, student led units of inquiry, students experience using a range of materials, tools and techniques to express their understanding, ideas and feelings about the world around them visually.  Students also develop the ability to recognise and discuss the decision-making process when creating art through weekly discussions highlighting student artwork and the artwork of celebrated artists.


The Visual Arts program at Dinjerra nurtures strong community art links and frequently benefits from community arts workshops, incursion and excursion, visiting artist and artists in residence programs.



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