Digital Learning

Over the past three years Dinjerra Primary School has continued to develop the use of digital learning within our curriculum. For 2015 the school has 40 netbooks and 50 iPads used daily across the school to support students' learning. Teachers have had on-going PD involving the use of iPads within the classroom through:

  • - Creating and using QR codes
  • - Useful apps used to implement a creative and innovative pedagogy
  • - Paperless Assessment through Evernote 
  • - Using the SAMR model to create lessons that make the best impact on student learning


The school also provides digital learning opportunities through:

  • - Whole school subscription to Reading Eggs, Mathletics and Spellodrome as part of the school homework program
  • - Informative school website
  • - Class Twitter accounts
  • - Class Blogs
  • - Online collaboration with other schools
  • - Online media projects
  • - Ongoing PD with an IT coach for staff and students


As part of the 2015 eLearning coaching program Catherine Leahy, our eLearning coach, will be leading a group of students as the Digital Leaders of Dinjerra Primary School. Our Digital Leaders will be partake in learning sessions that will equip them with IT skills to problem solve techinical issues within the classroom, computer programming and coding with the possiblitiy of creating our very own school app and showcasing possibilities of innovative and creative learning through ICTs. 

Elections for our 2015 Digital Leaders will be held soon.